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Hello and welcome to my first blog post! Future posts will be about whatever projects I’m working on, or about movies or TV shows we’ve watched lately, or just my rants about the state of the comic industry. But for this first one I thought it should be just a little catch up.

I returned to freelancing full time just over a year ago, working mostly on children’s books and novel covers for various small press authors and publishers. I still do comic book work from time to time, aside from Perfect Storm, the latest being a project with a writer friend of mine named Jeff O’Bryant called The Last Alexandrian. Actually spent this afternoon working on pencils for the first book’s cover, and once it’s altogether I will post some progress pics…most likely in my next blog post.

I’m writing this on December 29th, or 32 days from my wedding to the love of my life, Megan “Pink O’Clock” McDonald. So if in my posts I switch from “I” to “we,” it’s because we wind up doing most things together. “We” could also be referring to my dog Rambo, the only other creature I spend time with, but I’ll be sure to make that distinction clear…

Aside from both of us being sick, we had a great Christmas. As I am sure most of you are aware, if you’re taking the time to read this, that I am a huge fan of Al Williamson, and was lucky enough to own an original strip from him for a long time. Alas I had to part with it, and in seeing my sadness in having to do so, my fiancee promised to someday get me a replacement. Then, with our wedding coming up, she decided now would be the time and tasked me with picking out a few from the X9 reprints to try and hunt down. So I went through all 13 years of strips and picked out a few, and put a star next to the one that was my absolute favorite. As luck would have it, not only was it my favorite, it was owned by the gentleman I was going to get her in touch with to help her track one down, so he would have a great understanding of what what I had in mind.

Then a package arrived on Christmas Eve. Megan decided it would be a combination Christmas and wedding present, which allowed me to see which strip it was she was able to track down, and lo and behold she had managed to actually get the strip I had marked as my favorite! She said once she had explained to Mr. Cuthbert what it was for he was happy to help her out. Here is a scan of the strip, taken just before I finished framing it and hanging it up on the wall–The Williamson Wall!



Well, it’s time to go eat some dinner and start our binge re-watching of season 5 of Homeland. We’re re-watching it to try and decide if we liked the season or not because neither of us were sure if we did upon first viewing. What was your opinion of this season? Feel free to add your thoughts to the comments section of this post–I would love for this blog to be more then just me ranting; an actual conversation. And to do so we’ve gotta start somewhere, so…


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