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Sketch of the Day 037


Here is day twos progress on this cover. This time I left the blue underdrawing, done on a separate layer (in MangStudio 5), to show why I haven’t completed the 3rd woman’s leg and hand– There’s going to be someone squatting down in front of her!

If you squint you can also see the difference between my layout and the finished drawing. An adjustment of an arm here, a tilt of a head there, li’l things that come up while looking for reference. I tend to “fudge” the main figure, because I like the looseness that you get when making it all up, then when it comes to the head and hands I look for reference to make sure that things are as accurate as possible. If I just draw off the top of my head, eyes tend to get too big out of proportion, or float if the head is turned or tilted.

Of course, now that I’ve said that, you’ll probably never look at one of my drawings the same way again…

Tomorrow, hopefully, will be the rest of the figures, then at least the start of the background!

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