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Sketch of the Day 029


For today’s Sketch of the Day, here is part two of my Bruce Timm Batgirl sketch cover. As you can see I’ve tightened up the drawing a li’l, especially in the face, but overall it’s not too terribly different from my first pass rough.

Which brings to mind something I’ve noticed in my work- While my original intent was to draw in a more traditional superhero or illustration style, the more I draw the more I like working in this more simplified style. Simplified meaning less noodling linework, not lack of actual drawing ability. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, because you can hide a lot of sins under a bunch of cross-hatching. You need to have a much more confident line, because that one line you put down needs to convey everything about he form and structure of the figure, or whatever it is you are drawing.

So, my goal is to finish this with the minimum about of noodling in the inks. Wish me luck…

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