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Sketch of the Day 040


Today’s update/ Sketch of the Day is of the finished line work and the flat colors for the book cover I’ve been working on all week. This is how all computer coloring starts, and in this case it also sets up my color theory. Everything in the background is done in orange, yellow, and red/orange, while the foreground colors will all be built off of the complimentary color, blue.


This use of complimentary colors should contrast the foreground elements against the background elements and “pop” them off the page. Seems to be doing it so far, so hopefully I don’t goof it up too much when I continue to color!

The next step is to color the figures in the foreground, and my plan is to use the same color theory on their guns and bows and belts and all– Use lighter colors from the other side of the color wheel to contrast them against the darker base color I am using for their clothes.

Till Monday, to see if I can pull it off!

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