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Sketch of the Day 37

Some of the best results come about because of complete accidents. For this book cover, my intention was to have everything be either in red, orange, or yellow (because the client requested a red, orange, and yellow dragon) with the only other color being green for her eyes.

So I did up the background in mostly orange, then did this yellow flame design on top to separate the dragon and figure a bit. With the flame layer selected, I started scrolling through the Photoshop layer effects and one of them did this to the background, which instantly changed my mind about the whole color theory of the piece.

Didn’t save the original version, and have flattened the artwork so I can’t go back and undo the layer effect, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that this is better!

Or, if you don’t like this, take my word for it that the original was better…

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