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Jessica Jones

Watched most of the new season of Jessica Jones over the weekend, and decided to do a sketch of her, which turned into a full-blown piece. Think I am going to get a few of these printed up for HeroesCon.

Featured Highspot Sketch of the Day

More sketches

Hello hello!

Been a while, thanks to a couple family issues I had to go out of town to take care of, but I’m finally back and back to work!

I’m also pretty damn excited to be going to HeroesCon in a few months– So much so that I’m actually doing new stuff to bring with me, besides just Highspot. Doing some cover recreations, some sketch cards, and as many random doodles that I can.

So, below here are some of those pieces, or at least where I am currently on those pieces. I’ve finished the logo for Action Comics #1, doodled a Batman that turned out pretty good (I think), and have a WIP shot of the top panel of page 17 of Highspot!

Hoping to get back to the sketch of the day, but worst case I’ll drop a bunch of goodies on ya whenever I have some 😀

Take care everyone!