Rob Jones
Perfect Storm series creator, co-writer and artist.
Rob is an illustrator whose work has appeared in books from Heroic Publishing, Students of the Unusual, MoonStone Books, in projects for companies like FedEX and the United Way, and was the last assistant to train under industry legend Dick Giordano. Since Dick’s passing in early 2010, Rob has been working mostly on the projects featured on this site as well as continuing his education in order to become a teacher himself.

Gary Carbon
Writer and co-creator of Perfect Storm.
Gary is an artist and writer who lives on the cross streets of advertising, art and comics. With 20+ years of creative experience as a creative director, designer and illustrator, Gary brings a broad range of experience to his approach to comics as a storyteller. He’s mainly focused on small press and self-published work and at times collaborating with outstanding artist like Rob and Dick. His passion is art and his genre is comics.

Dick Giordano
Artist and original editor of Perfect Storm.
A veteran of more than five decades in the comic book field, Dick Giordano began his career in 1951 working as an apprentice at the Jerry Iger Studio. After a short time, Dick left Iger’s to become a freelance artist for Charlton Comics in 1952 where he later became the company’s editor-in-chief in 1965, launching the short-lived but well-remembered Action Heroes line. In 1967 he moved to DC for a three-year stint as editor and became part of a creative team that helped to change the face of comic books in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Together with writer Dennis O’Neil and penciller Neal Adams, he helped to bring Batman back to his roots as a dark, brooding creature of the night and raise awareness of contemporary social issues through the adventures of Green Lantern and Green Arrow. The winner of numerous industry awards, Giordano later returned to DC and rose to the position of Vice President-Executive Editor where he was instrumental in launching Batman Returns, Watchmen and Crisis on Infinite Earths, among other mega hits before retiring in 1993 to once again pursue a full-time career as a penciller and inker. He then worked for a variety of publishers, was featured in his biographyDick Giordano – Changing Comics One Day at a Time published by Twomorrows, wrote and drew a how-to book for F+W Pubs, Draw Comics with Dick Giordano, and remained active in the field until his passing in 2010.

Vittorio Garofoli
Artist on Perfect Storm.
I’m Vittorio Garofoli, keen about comic books since I left my economic studies to begin a comic artist.
I attended a three-year class at the School of Comic in Palermo at Grafimated Cartoon, an italian animation studios and a digital animation workshop where I learnt the basics of animation and used an opensource 3D model program, Blender. After graduated, I began some collaborations with Grafimated Cartoon as inker for animation clean up and 3d modeller for a short animation movie. I worked as penciller for Zenoscope Entertainment for the 3 issues miniseries Grimm Fairy Tales: Vampire the Eternal and I drawn two issues of a modern version Dorian Gray for Bluewater Production of forthcoming publication.

Ashley Lanni
Colorist of Perfect Storm.
Ashley Lanni is a freelance illustrator who graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design in 2006. Since then she has worked on both comics and children’s books and is always looking to collaborate with new writers and artists. She has previously worked with Red Stylo Media, Identity Comics, and Movement Comics.

Grafimated Cartoon
Grafimated Cartoon is a cooperative society that produces, promotes and diffuses animated films and comics. Grafimated Cartoon was founded in January 2001 by professionals of the field. With over fifteen years experience, they have participated to several national and international animated film festivals with short author films, in particular the short film “Saudates du sud” with which it took part in the competition in Annecy 97 edition. They have cooperated in the production of important animated series and feature films such as: The Triplets, Cocco Bill, I Cuccioli, La Gabbianella e il Gatto, Aida degli alberi, etc… Grafmated Cartoonalso produced “I Vespri Siciliani” and are working on the upcoming feature animated movie”Pinocchio” by Enzo D’Alo. With “School of Comics-Scuola del Fumetto” they teach the skills to create comics, from pencils to colouring and lettering. In fact in 2011, the school started to publishing comics of their students too. Their students and collaborators have worked with such editors as Panini Kids, Ape Entertaintment, Disney, Marvel Comics, Marathon, Bluewaters, Cronaca di Topolinia, DC Comics, etc… Other activities organized in collaboration with several public schools in Sicily, are comics and animated cartoon workshops where students create short films in which some of them won prizes reserved for schools.