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January 2016

Sketch of the Day

Sketch of the Day 008


Today’s Sketch of the Day is, well, not actually a “sketch” because it is the final piece of art for a recent book cover I have been working on. For this one I wanted to try something a bit different, so instead of my usual coloring style I used some of the other brushes in MangaStudio to try and get a more painterly final.

I kinda like how this one came out, so you might be seeing more pieces done in this style in the future… What do you guys think???

Sketch of the Day

Sketch of the Day 006


Hello hello all and happy Monday! Was away for the weekend (more about that in a blog post later today/tomorrow) so here’s another quick sketch out of my new red sketchbook- a li’l 4×6 Batman.


Sketch of the Day

Sketch of the Day 005


For my first day away during the Sketch a Day experiment, I thought I would share a bit of my process on a current job. This is page 5 of a new Flare story I am working on for Heroic Publishing. On this page I’ve tightly laid out the first 2 panels, as well as the “overlapping” element of Flare herself. I’ve chosen this layout for a couple reasons. 1: it looks cool, and that counts. And 2: her body language in the overlapping image echos her words/feelings in the top 3 panels, so I could have just drawn 3 “talking heads” panels, or done this to shake things up plus add a bit of tension.

In the third panel you’ll see that I’ve very roughly laid in a change in camera angle. Normally we see everything from our own eye-level perspective, so I try to play to that in my layouts to make things seems more realistic. But in this case, I’ve used the layout of the panel to draw the reader’s eye towards the lower two panels and away from the large figure, with both the placement of the word balloons and by making the floor of the 3rd panel basically a triangle. I will color this with the same tone as the wall behind the figures in panel 4, even if it does not wind up the same color. So as you can see, even in this early stage, I’ve got to be thinking about what will be the last step in the process, adding color, and how it can add to the overall effect and influence the design of the page.

This is also just a rough, so I reserve the right to change my mind about any and all of this!

I will post the completed rough for this page when, well, it’s completed! Just got the script the other day and 1-4 are as rough as the bottom 3 panels are here, but this page seemed most interesting so far to use for this example, so I did it up.

Hope you guys enjoy this li’l walk-through! If so, please let me know in the comments section below!



Mi Casa, Su Casa


For this week’s blog post, I thought I would share something I’ve never done before, done for something I’ve never done before. As I mentioned last week, and as most of you would know anyway, I’m getting married at the end of the month. Megan and I want it to be more like a party with our friends and family then a big, formal wedding, but she also wants a few fancier things that I, as the dude, would never have thought of. One of is a little “program book,” and so she asked me to paint a picture of the venue–Casa Feliz–to use as the front.

This is done in mostly watercolors, a medium I don’t normally use since watercolors tend to just do whatever they want no matter what you had in mind. But since I’m not all that nervous about the ceremony and everything, I figured might as well scare the crap out of myself on a piece that would take many, many more hours to re-do if I goofed it up.

That’s where the word “mostly” comes in. I was pretty pleased with how the watercolors came out but still felt it needed “something” in a few spots, so I whipped out the acrylic and did a few touch-ups. I’m surprisingly happy with the results, but most importantly Megan is happy with how it turned out, so I’ll count that as a win…

Other than finishing this piece, it’s been a bit of a quiet week as far as finishing work, but great in getting new assignments. I’ve got 5 more book covers to work on this month, and a really cool story for an upcoming issue of Flare for Heroic Publishing, as well as The Last Alexandrian and Perfect Storm to continue on. I feel Gary and I may be having a small PS story conference on that towards the end of the month… Outside of work, I like season 5 of Homeland even less during the second viewing (although Megan likes it better the second time around), but we have started Making a Murderer on Netflix which has been amazing. We are on episode 8 so if anyone posts spoilers in the comments section you are so, so blocked…

Lastly, I am writing this on Thursday because we are going away on Friday. Megan has an assignment for her magazine to try out a road trip destination from Sarasota so we are going to the Greyfield Inn for a few days, then back to Jacksonville to go to a book signing by Brad Meltzer! Should be a great trip, which I will tell you all about next week.

Take care all!


Sketch of the Day

Sketch of the Day 004


I have been attending a figure drawing session at Renaissance School of Art on Thursday nights so usually I will be posting a sketch or 2 from that on Fridays, but since I will be out of town tomorrow, and I rather like how this one came out, thought I should post this one first.

“Out of town?” you say? “4 days into Sketch of the Day and you’re going to miss day 5?!?!” Fear not my friends, I shall have a post for you tomorrow for sure!!!



Commission Price List- 2016

Listed below is an outline of pricing options, but feel free to contact me for custom pricing for your project and shipping rates.


Pencil only | $50
Inked | $75
Full color | $100
*Prices for head and shoulders bust drawing or single full-figure and minimal background on Bristol board.


Pencil only | $75
Inked | $100
Full color | $125
*Prices for single-figure and minimal background on Bristol board.

Sketch Card (2.5×3.5)

Black and white | $15
Full color | $20

Sketch Covers

Pencil only | $50
Inked | $75
Full color | $100
*Prices for head and shoulders bust drawing or single full-figure and minimal background, client provides books.

Watercolor/Mixed Media Portrait

8×10 | $125
12×16 | $175
*Price for a single person or pet, on Arches watercolor paper.

Sequential Illustration

Layouts for another artist | $40/page
Layouts/finished pencils | $125/page
Pencil and ink art | $175/page
Inks over another artist | $75/page
Digital coloring | $50/page
Creative services/Editing | $250/issue

Commercial Illustration

Full-color or black and white in traditional or digital medium for magazines, children’s books, novels, posters, advertisements, album covers, etc.

Rate: Varies depending on complexity, size, and desired medium.


Rate: $20/frame | $35/hr

Graphic Design

Any and all graphic design needs including: logo design, print media, t-shirts, digital coloring, digital artwork, etc.
Rate: $35/hr

Sketch of the Day

Sketch of the Day 002


Another sketch from my new sketchbook- Luke Skywalker from the Force Awakens. Did this one in my usual comic style rather then trying to get the likeness exactly right, and I kinda like how it turned out. All brush, with Prismacolor pencil for shading.

Might work it up as a sketch cover, since I have a stack of Star Wars blanks laying around… What do you think?