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Sketch of the Day 058


Day 3- Inks! Heh, I wish it only took 3 days to get to this point. Because this project has no deadline and no timetable for release or anything, I only really get to work on this in between other projects with deadlines. It also helps when I don’t shoot myself in the foot after already having put in a lot of work…

Remember how yesterday I mentioned doing the pencils on a vellum finish board? Well, the vellum finish has its advantages for some things, and disadvantages for others. Pencil, for example, is great on a vellum board, as are pencil effects, like busting out a black color pencil to get some texture to things or a nice gradient with AD Markers (or Copics, the usual marker of choice for comic artists now, but I’ve got a set of AD Markers and by God I’m gonna use them!). Other things, like pen inking, not so much. Brush inking– Oh yeah, all day, every day, but for me pens just don’t work as well on a vellum board.

I came to this realization, which granted, I should have known beforehand, once I started inking and fighting with the paper. At that point I had two choices: Continue to fight with the board and still not get the results I want, or re-pencil the whole thing onto a smooth board.

I chose the latter.

So what you see here are my final inks over my second round of penciling. Mostly done with Microns, but also some brush and my new favorite weapon of choice, the Falcon fountain pen. I’ve known of this pen for quite some time– Brian Stelfreeze uses one, and even created brushes in IllustStudio and MangaStudio to mimic it for digital work, but could never afford one. But, seeing as how Jeff wants all the work on this project to be done on boards, it seemed a good investment.

Until tomorrow, where I share with you the color final!!!

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