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May 2016

Perfect Storm Sketch of the Day

Sketch of the day 087


Today’s Sketch of the Day is the first art for a new Perfect Storm story (Don’t let the DC bullet in the corner fool ya, I just have a ton of old DC paper!). Sadly, this li’l bit of work represents my entire evening last night– Was up until 3:30 working, and that was after not sleeping the night before for a still completely unknown reason.

Sketch of the Day

Sketch of the Day 086


Hope everyone had a nice weekend and Mother’s Day! Basically had the weekend off, but got back to work this morning on this li’l guy, an illustration for the new children’s book I am working on! This week I will have a few more shots of this guy, but I’ve also got a picture in my head I need to get out so that might be worked in here somewhere too.

Perfect Storm Sketch of the Day

Sketch of the Day 084


Just heard that today is National Cartoonist Day, so in honor of that event, here is my attempt at a Bruce Timm style Perfect Storm!

Rather like how this quick li’l doodle, and how the Batgirl sketch cover I did a while ago (which I will re-post below) came out so I think I am going to putz around with this a bit more 😀 We’ll see if it winds up being anything…