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Happy 2018!

Hello and happy new year everyone!

Sorry to have been silent for most of December, but most of my artwork for the month was to be Christmas presents for people, so I’ve held off sharing till now.

Here is a piece I am incredibly proud of, done for my best friend and his wife of their dogs who have all sadly passed away. this was done from Molly’s favorite photo of them all together, drawn traditionally in pen and ink on 12 x 18 watercolor paper.

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Sketch of the Day 163

Lots of progress on Highspot lately– I’ve finished line art on pages 1-3 and colors on 1 and 2! Surprisingly happy with how it’s coming out too, which may be “famous last words…”
Here’s a panel from page 2, the first really good close-up shots of our hero Kate Carter!
Will be sharing more later this week 😀
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Sketch of the Day 162

Yesterday Donna Brazile, who herself had done some underhanded things during the primaries, confirmed what we Bernie Sanders supporters had known all along… Here’s a link to her piece on Politico for anyone who’s interested:

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Sketch of the Day 161

Special Sketch of the Day today– Here are some bookmarks done as part of a campaign for the Library Foundation of Sarasota County. They will be using these two heroes on all sorts of branding, so as we do more I will post the artwork!

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Sketch of the Day 158

Oddly happy with how this one turned out– Mostly because this was about 2, 2 1/2 hours work, which is super-quick for me. Done for my friend Kate’s class to make up for a cancelled visit because I’ve been sick in bed…

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Sketch of the Day 157

Lots of progress on Highspot! Backgrounds and figure layouts for pages 1-8 are done, and today I was able to print out the boards to do traditional pencils and inks (probably) on the figures. I say probably because I feel like a much better inker digitally nowadays, but I will probably try and ink a bit here and there traditionally…